Fast Preparation Guideline

GREEN ZONE – These foods have been in the human diet for >10,000 years and should form the basis of your diet
AMBER ZONE – These partially adapted foods should only be eaten occasionally
RED ZONE – These foods are novel to humans and should be avoided
In the three days prior to the juice fast eat primarily food and drink from the GREEN ZONE with some food and drink (approx. 20%) from the AMBER ZONE. Cut out all food and drink from the RED ZONE. Watch the ‘how to juice fast’ video at Yoogaia here.




All Fresh Whole Vegetables
All Fresh Whole Fruit
All Fresh Herbs (incl. Ginger & Garlic) Fish (poached or grilled, without coating)
Nuts & Seeds
Pulses – all Lentils & Peas
Beans – Adzuki, Mung, Chickpeas) Superfoods e.g. Kiki, wheatgrass Seaweeds and Algae
Freshly made Juices & Smoothies Semi-dried fruit (un-sulphured) Clean Water

Meat & Eggs
Goat products – milk, cheese, yoghurt Sheep products – milk, cheese, yoghurt Rice & Almond milk, unprocessed Soya products
Potatoes (boiled or baked only)
Whole grains, Millet & Quinoa
Good quality unrefined/unprocessed oils Pasteurised juices & smoothies
Honey & Maple Syrup
Herbal teas & Green tea
Dried Herbs

Coffee & Black tea
Fizzy drinks
Alcohol & Nicotine
Cows milk products e.g. milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream
Bread, Paste, Biscuits, Cakes Refined grains including Rice Breakfast cereals including muesli Sweets, chocolates

Fried foods, crisps, trans-fats
All processed foods
Sweeteners, artificial sugars, MSG

I have been a model for 17 years, have worked as a holistic health care practitioner and yoga instructor since 2007 and am now taking a maternity break to spend quality time with my son, born in May 2015.

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