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Events & Escapes

Previous Events & Escapes


Yoga & Juice Fasting in London with Sybille & Alex

My mind, body and soul appreciated the welcomed pause from hectic London life. Sybille and Alex brought their expertise, energy and passion to the Reboot weekend. The afternoon of food demonstrations inspired us all on how healthy eating can be adhered but more importantly maintained and incorporated into our own work and personal routines.

Alison O’Driscoll


Yoga & Hiking in Poland with Sybille & Alina

For years I've spent countless hours surfing the net researching yoga retreats, admiring svelte bodies doing shoulder stands in beautiful locations. But as I don't have a regular practice, and I'm also terrified of headstands, I never took the plunge. But the opportunity presented itself when my dear friend and yogi Sybille (along with another amazing yogi Alina) hosted a yoga and hiking retreat in the beautiful wild mountains of Poland.

group_classThe group consisted of a truly eclectic bunch of people from all walks of life, and much to my relief, all at different fitness levels. Over the week we shared stories, motivated one another, sang songs around a fire and laughed together. But what surprised me the most was just how powerful doing yoga outdoors in nature could be- with the energy of the sun beaming down on us, giving us vital life energy.


The sense of achievement I felt as the week came to an end, and the closeness and compassion I felt for these complete strangers, will always stay with me. The breathtaking mountains of Poland, our amazing hiking guide, so connected to nature, and our wonderful teachers who held the group so lovingly, and of course disconnecting from the world, made this so much more than a yoga and hiking retreat.

I'm still terrified of headstands, and my favourite pose still remains shavasana, but my love for yoga and nature has reached new heights, and that I would say, is a life-altering experience.

Vivien Pailas

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