Sybille Gebhardt BSc (Hons), MRN, CNHC

Working as a holistic health care practitioner and yoga instructor since 2005, I specialise in 1:1 sessions with individuals at the top of their game, leading busy and demanding lifestyles.

Returning from an extended maternity break, I will now primarily be based at London’s leading health & wellbeing centre, The Light Centre, at their new flagship location: Monument. Here, I will be teaching Yoga for Better Posture, Pregnancy Yoga, and Yoga All Levels, and treating clients as consultant General Health Practitioner and Naturopath.

With a love of science and a passion for nutrition, my journey into yoga and natural health care came from the pressures of a fast paced and successful career as a model, along with a desire to find a balance in my day to day experience. - read more -

In my early twenties as I started modelling, I travelled, worked and partied excessively. In my case this lifestyle led to recurrent health issues including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bladder infections and sinusitis, which forced me to look beyond orthodox medicine.

I decided to spend some time in a fasting retreat and later in a yogic ashram. Excited, I watched other people and myself get well just by changed diet, practicing yoga and meditation. Around that time my brother was in medical school. I debated with him why he wanted to study medicine, which meant for me that he was learning to prescribe drugs for the toxic lifestyle people live.

I believe that orthodox medicine is like hitting your hand with a hammer, going to the doctor to get painkillers prescribed, and then back home hitting yourself with the same hammer again. Medical doctors often prescribe drugs for diseases that are caused by the sick diet we are eating and the toxic lifestyle we are living; the hammer being the toxic food and lifestyle.

Inspired by yogic teachings, I trained at the Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre, one of the leading yoga schools in India, and a few years later at the British Wheel of Yoga. In 2005, I embarked on a diploma in naturopathic nutrition under the teaching of Barbara Wren, followed by a BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences at the University of Westminster in London.

I found a way to eat that made me feel vibrant, strong and healthy. I started to use food as my medicine, I began to understand the benefits of breathing well, thinking more positive, being more in the present moment and aware of how I moved.

But I learnt more than I expected… people who are obliviously suffering are often told by their doctors that there is nothing wrong with them. These people are disconnected from who they are. It’s time that people stop doing what they should and start doing what they feel. What really matters are healthy relationships, a healthy professional life, expressing yourself creatively, being spiritually connected, and living in a healthy environment.

Modelling gave me the opportunity to find my path and I am very grateful. I continue to work as a model and now, 17 years into my career, I also work with young fashion models guiding them towards a healthier lifestyle.

I believe yoga combined with a naturopathic approach to living, can dramatically improve our energy levels. I’m dedicated to sharing my knowledge and my work to help you achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Love Sybille x

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Nutrition Courses

  • The home was beautiful, energy great, food delicious and the information around it plentiful. I came away feeling clearer about what I already knew and with knowledge gaps filled for things I didn't know.
    Anna Gerber,
  • "Thanks so much for a fun, happy, relaxed and great day! I so enjoy working with you and the results are absolutely gorgeous. You are a total professional, creative, hard working and fun to work with and produce amazing results."
    Alice Asquith, Managing Director / Asquith London
  • “Sybille’s nutrition seminar at my company was very inspiring. She introduced us to Miso paste, amazing stuff, and I finally tried out the juicer extension to my food processor as she recommended and I’m now having vegetable juice every morning and feel great! She's got the best job ever and she really walks her talk.”
    Kasia, Moody's Investors Service
  • Sybille provided fantastic advice on nutrition, health and fitness to our Elite Model Look finalists in order for them to achieve their full potential and enjoy profitable careers. As an industry insider Sybille provided great first hand advice and knowledge to help our contestants with their future modelling careers. And we are thoroughly looking forward to getting Sybille onboard with future ventures and the Elite Model Look 2013 and years to come.
    Josh L'Oste-Challans, Elite Models London


  • My mind, body and soul appreciated the welcomed pause from hectic London life. Sybille and Alex brought their expertise, energy and passion to the Reboot weekend. The afternoon of food demonstrations inspired us all on how healthy eating can be adhered but more importantly maintained and incorporated into our own work and personal routines.
    Alison O’Driscoll, Yoga & Juice Fasting
  • Sybille delivered an anti-oxidant foods workshop at the press launch of our new skincare range, which was based around anti-oxidants. She really took the time to understood the brief and what we were looking for, and she was meticulous, professional and extremely knowledgeable in how to create an engaging nutritional workshop for busy professionals. Feedback from Sybille's workshop was extremely positive and I look forward to working with her again in the future. On a personal level I find her passionate, inspiring and the perfect spokesperson for optimal health and well-being.
    Vivien Pailas, Social Media & Online PR Manager, Caudalie


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